Democracy Downloaded

Who will make YouTube a verb?

Posted by joevoeller on January 31, 2007

The question floating around political circles this season is not necessarily “who is the best at taking advantage of the Web?” It’s “who will get youtube’d“?

George Allen, the former Senator of Virginia Senator,  is often cited as the posterchild of this new threat.  His use of the word “macaca” while campaigning in 2006 was blasted across the Internet and was widely considered to be a powerful factor in his defeat.

Hillary’s moment in Iowa this weekend – when she made funny over a question about her experience with evil and bad men – shows just how ready the media is for a candidate to sound spontaneous or go off message.

Count on Matt Drudge to instantly headline any (Democratic) gaffes. And rely on Youtube to take a bipartisan approach to embarassment.

So, the question is…who will be the first to slip? We’re all waiting.   


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