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New Wiki site for politics

Posted by joevoeller on February 13, 2007

Just a brief post to note that Wikia, the organization behind Wikipedia, has announced a new open-source magazine for politics.

According to a press release, the new site “features national, state and local sections where users are able to search and contribute by state and/or zip code. Contributors can share and discuss their political opinions, build out historical resources and voter guides, or simply just read and comment on the others thoughts and learn about political issues.”

I know the site is brand new, but a quick glance earlier today left me wanting for more. First of all, I can’t find any rhyme or reason behind the stories and links posted to the homepage. The subject matter (a retread of 9/11 conspiracy theories is the second-most popular story) sure doesn’t add a sense of credibility or relevance. And the design leaves a lot to be desired – it looks like one of those fake sites you land on after you’ve misspelled a URL address.

This is the future of political news magazines? I’m still not convinced. 


One Response to “New Wiki site for politics”

  1. It is interesting to consider what the implications for their various political sections could be once those are built up (Green, for example, is pretty much empty, and Libertarian and Socialist have only a bit more). Rather than encouraging siloing of people with the same political leanings, a site like this could be excellent to encourage cross linkages. Congresspedia ( may be a better example of what is happening with citizen-oriented political coverage.

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