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Posted by joevoeller on February 25, 2007

Presidential contender Mike Huckabee has revamped his website since we checked on him last. The new site features an appropriately flattering photo and cheery tagline: “Optimistic. Hopeful. Conservative Leadership.” Though somewhat bare-bones in terms of functional features–the campaign blog is still “coming soon”–the site is a definite improvement from the old one. Besides, the campaign can still count on the efforts of unofficial bloggers who have apparently been psyched about the guy for years.

But it’s interesting to note what else lurks on the Net when Mr. Huckabee is Googled. 

Earlier today, when I did a Google search for “Mike Huckabee,” a site called comes up as the third link from the top. What’s missing from this site is the flattering photo and optimistic campaign language.  Instead, readers are invited to peruse an article that raises ethical questions about Huckabee’s alleged use of free private plane service while governor. If that weren’t enough, readers can click to find a veritable digest of other “various scandals through 2002” that have been alleged against Mike.

But what’s perhaps most interesting is the prominent language running across the top of the site. It reads “For Sale or Lease. If you would like to own or lease this site email your offer to by March 1st.” In case any potential bidders underestimate the value of the site, the owner adds “Over 20,000 hits in January 2007 alone!”

I wondered if the owner of this site is simply trying to get the Huckabee campaign to buy him/her off. So I decided to ask. I sent an email to the address above, asking why he/she decided to sell or lease the site. I also asked if he/she had been contacted by anyone on behalf of the Huckabee campaign. For good measure, I asked if he/she wanted to throw out a ballpark estimate of what the site was worth.

I’ll let you know if I get a response.


2 Responses to “Huckabee Online”

  1. no comments said

    Why on earth should they respond to you? You act as if you think you are an actual reporter. lol

  2. joevoeller said

    Hey – it’s the blog world. We’re all allowed to ask questions.

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