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Posted by joevoeller on February 26, 2007

The John Edwards blogger flap continues to spark some interesting discussions about the role of bloggers and Election 2008. The most interesting piece I’ve found so far — and one that I happen to agree with — was posted today to

In an opinion piece entitled “Why I refused to blog for Edwards,” blogger Linsay Beyerstein writes about being courted by the Edwards campaign and her ultimate decision not to join its payroll. The questions she posed to the Edwards campaign during the courtship process (“I’m on the record saying that abortion is good and that all drugs should be legalized, including heroin. Don’t you think that might be a little embarrassing for the campaign?”) foreshadowed the trouble that was about to come.

But more interesting are Beyerstein’s thoughts about the role that independent bloggers should play in an election, and how campaigns should go about building relationships with friendly bloggers:

“Every campaign needs a blog, but the most important part of a candidate’s netroots operation is the disciplined political operatives who can quietly build relationships with bloggers outside the campaign. And the bomb-throwing surrogates need to be outside, where they can make full use of their gifts without saddling a campaign with their personal political baggage.” 

You can read her entire piece here.


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