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McCain in black and white…and grey

Posted by joevoeller on March 1, 2007

Call me old-fashioned, but it seems a little odd that John McCain is announcing his candidacy tonight on the David Letterman show. It certainly represents a different strategy than the one behind Barack Obama’s Lincoln-esque announcement in Springfield, Illinois. But apparently a “formal” McCain announcement will take place in April. And the clip I just saw shows a relaxed and personable McCain, so maybe his people are on to something after all.

I was also a little surprised by the design of McCain’s campaign website. The black and grey color scheme is more reminiscent of a professional hockey team than a presidential candidate. But at least it helps him stand out from others. (I was starting to think that red, white and blue were simply required of any campaign website.)

Still, something about the site just doesn’t seem right. Maybe all the black is a subtle sign of mourning for the old John McCain — the straight talkin’ moderate who didn’t have time for partisan or religious pandering. (That John McCain is collecting dust at an old website called, which now directs vistitors to the new campaign site.)

And the black and white pictures posted on the homepage? Quite a change from the sun-drenched living room shots that permeate Hillary’s site.

Does any of this matter? Probably. Websites are now a critical way to excite the netroots, boost fundraising and build brand image. I wonder if McCain did any focus groups to test the design of his Web site. He must have found that traditional conservatives still like their politics delivered in black and white.


2 Responses to “McCain in black and white…and grey”

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