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Posted by joevoeller on March 8, 2007

In yet another sign of our “new digital age,” a popular Boston media critic has announced that he will produce two weekly commentaries devoted solely to “new media.”

The Boston Globe’s Clea Simon reports that commentary from John Carroll, an assistant professor of mass communications at Boston University, will now be aired twice a week on WGBH-FM (89.7).

Of course many different media critics and columnists are already talking about new media. But this announcement seems significant in that Carroll will only be talking about new media.

And he’s careful to point out that new media is not limited to blogs. Per Simon, Caroll “lists vlogs (video blogs), mobisodes (videos distributed directly to cellphones), and video-sharing sites as examples of the way people are getting their news, entertainment, and political commentary these days.”

Carroll’s first commentary sounds interesting: he’ll take a critical look at the Save Darfur campaign, which combined print ads and a strong Web presence. His initial conclusion is that the campaign was good at organizing a bunch of disparate groups around a single cause, but bad at influencing legislators. 

Anyway, I wonder if Carroll’s new commentary is less a sign of the future than a sign of the “middle road” we find ourselves in today. One day we won’t need “new media” and “old media” critics. Aren’t we moving toward a world where all media are delivered via a single platform?    


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