Democracy Downloaded

The ‘Most Stunning Attack Ad’ Ever

Posted by joevoeller on March 19, 2007


I can’t get over this new anti-Hillary attack ad. Borrowing heavily from the famous “1984” Apple computer ad, this anonymously-posted video takes a strikingly creative swing against the Senator and her campaign.

Whatever you think of Hillary, it’s hard not to notice the ad’s effectiveness. It brilliantly removes the all the color and warmth that her campaign has been trying so hard to illuminate. 

And it provokes a visceral reaction among viewers. To some progressives, her campaign — and its achingly choreographed “chats” — have sometimes projected a sense of crushing inevitability. I bet those progressives are sending this ad around to their friends today, marveling at the creativity and gossiping about its creator.  

To some conservatives, Hillary has always been the Great Threat – a power-hungry woman with a liberal ax to grind.  You better believe they are sending it around today too. 

All of which makes the appearance of this ad the latest Digital Media Moment of the young 2008 campaign. Its worth remembering that, without the Internet, this ad and all it’s surrounding hoopla wouldn’t have even been possible. The Internet allows for anonymous posting, it increases the speed and depth of the ad’s impact, and it provides an easy platform for others to try their luck at creating similar videos. It will be interesting to see how Hillary’s campaign reacts to all of this (behind the scenes, of course).  



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