Democracy Downloaded

“Just don’t get too full of yourselves.”

Posted by joevoeller on March 25, 2007

Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page responds to the rise of bloggers and new media in his latest syndicated column.

Not a whole not new here, but a worthwhile read considering Page’s perch as a respected left-of-center media figure. While I agree with many of his points, I am struck at how reactionary and conservativesome journalist sound when they are addressing the blogosphere.  

Of the recent Hillary attack ad sensation, Page asks “was anyone’s mind changed by it?” and compares it to “an electronic version of an editorial cartoon.” Sure, but aren’t all good political messages like a version of an editorial cartoon? Isn’t that the point — summarizing your argument in a pithy and entertaining way that gets attention? And the fact that millions chose to view this particular “ad”and to send a link to friends is certainly a new development for presidential political campaigns. To pretend that it isn’t seems akin to keeping your head in the sand.  Page sounds threatened.


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