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McCain is off and running (again)

Posted by joevoeller on April 26, 2007

After teasing his announcement several weeks ago on David Letterman, John McCain formally announced his candidacy for president today. More precisely, he announced the beginning of his five-state “announcement tour.” Did anyone not know this man was running?

What’s interesting is that the “tour” is less of an announcement than a chance to kick-start his campaign, which has suffered in recent weeks. (Remember the Baghdad market fiasco?)

So here we are, months and months before the New Hampshire primary, and a major campaign is already re-tooling its strategy and attempting to regain (or perhaps just gain) its momentum and message.

In a somewhat strained attempt to connect all this to McCain’s website, I wanted to point out the emergence of the familiar red,white and blue color scheme that has been happening on his site. In a previous post, I noted that the McCain site was unusally black and grey. Today it is still dominated by those colors, but you can’t deny the new splashes of blue and red and the color photos of Old Glory.

Looks like this might be a new John McCain after all, even on the Web.


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